About me:

I'm a Pianist- singer born in Manila, Philippines and residing in Zürich, Switzerland since 2001 but I've been in this country since 1986, I've had gigs in 5 star hotels in 17 countries in 4 continents since 1979. I learned to play the piano as an 8 year old kid, and I didn't stop playing since.

 My repertoire consists of around 1000 songs from light classics , jazz standards, gospel, ragtime, to the latest pop music and musicals.

Music from my heart to yours.

 I also teach piano improvisation, and it takes as little as 12 lessons to learn how to play the piano. I teach kids from 6-92 years young. If you are interested to learn with my method of teaching, please fill up the contact form. I'm also very useful as accompanist (what they call in German as Korrepetitorin) from solo Belcanto singers to group formations.

Contact me at Mobile Nr, +41766828577
 Email: nanslee@yahoo.com
 Guggachstrasse 3, 8057-Zurich, Switzerland

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