Piano Students

This page showcases people who have learned piano improvisation through my method. 
I am so proud of all of them. We worked together to attain what they wished to achieve by enrolling in my piano course. Here are some of  the results:
 Salvo had 12 piano improvisation lessons ( the basic minimum number of lessons required) and he now uses his learned tools/skills to compose his own music. My students are encouraged to play their songs at the Schober where I have gigs until end of January,2013
Arnold had 15 one hour piano improvisation lessons from me and we worked on his love for playing rock & roll, boogie-woogie and blues. He's had lessons from various teachers in the past too, but now , he's confident enough to play piano with an audience. Arnold continues to have piano lessons from me at least twice a month, with a very flexible schedule that we plan ahead. This video clip was filmed last December 7, 2012 at the Schober Cafe in Zurich, Switzerland.
 Susanne is an ongoing student who has an enormous thirst for more knowledge, even when she herself now performs for hotels and private concerts. A multi-talented lady, she also plays the violin with various orchestras as well as being an actress with multilingual skills. This video shows her teamed up with a violinist as they provide sound effect music for the film being shown in support of the rainforest conservation in Madagascar. Filmed in Winterthur August 2012
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