Piano improvisation course: Start now!

Have you ever wanted to learn how to play the piano the way hotel pianists do?

 Do you love to sing and would want to accompany yourself on the piano?

 Would you like to learn how to play "by ear", without notes, or a combination of note-reading and note-free piano skills?

 Are you a total beginner , or have you had classical piano lessons but would like to enhance your skills?

 Would you like to learn something new for yourself, or to surprise your partner, friends or work colleagues?

 For as little as 12 one hour weekly lessons, I could show you a fast and reliable method of learning and understanding how to play the piano keys. 100% guaranteed  that you will learn ( of course, you'll need to do your part by practising and being teachable) but many, if not all of my students are fully satisfied with my teaching method.

 Although my courses are designed for adult learners, I also teach young children who show genuine interest and talent for the piano. I say this knowing how many children are pressured by well-meaning parents to learn to play a musical instrument which is not to their liking.

Where do I teach? I'm flexible, depending on the arrangement,..

For more information regarding fees, hours and venue please contact me:

   Mobile number: +41 76 682 85 77
Email : nanslee@yahoo.com
        Guggachstrasse 3, 8057-Zurich, Switzerland
        By appointment only

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